DALEEL INVESTMENT Ltd. is based in Istanbul  and provides new and existing businesses with a wide range of real estate business development solutions for Turkish Market.We have legal advisors and business experts in Turkey  for companies seeking better business performance and business growth in Turkish real estate markets. Our legal advisors and business experts have access to financial fundings and real estate investments in Turkey as well as in Gulf Countries such as Saudi Arabia , the UAE , Kuwait, Qatar…

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10th REAL ESTATE FAIR, is going to be held between 22-24 April 2016 at HILTON CONVENTION CENTER-İSTANBUL, at the same time with ARAB -TURK SUMMIT.... DALEEL INVITES YOU THERE...!

SAUDI ARABIA Land of Opportunities

Saudi Arabia is distinguished by the variety of investment opportunities for industrial investors.The extensive area of the Kingdom and the plethora of investment opportunities throughout the nation allow you, the investor, a chance to select the province and environment that best suits your commercial plan, products, and Service


Are you planning to invest in SAUDI ARABIA ? This is a right guide to see your financing options for your investments in SAUDI ARABIA...

We’re in MERSIN !!!

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Are you planning to invest in Turkey and looking for a good place ? Mersin is a shinning star city in Turkey in terms of any investment options... you can download the best guide about MERSIN prepared by Mersin Chamber of Commerce


Our CEO Dr.Mohammed Yahya Mufarreh had an interview with a prominent Turkish Economy Magazine TURK MONEY

DOING BUSINESS in Turkey -2015-

A foreign company may perform its business in Turkey by establishing a subsidiary, branch or liaison Office. Joint Stock Corporations (JSC) and Limited Liability Companies (LLC) The Joint Stock Corporation (in Turkish: Anonim Şirket, A.S.) and the Limited Liability Company (in Turkish: Limited Şirket, Ltd.) are the most common forms of subsidiary companies under Turkish Commercial Law... For further information, you can always send us an email to daleel@daleelinvestment.com


FREE-ZONES in Turkey

If you are planning to use a free-zone in Turkey for your business activities, our page will definitely help you to get a general idea about Turkish Free-Zones. For further information, you can always send us an email to daleel@daleelinvestment.com


in TURKEY despite the existence of both registered and unregistered trademarks in the market , only the registered trademarks can get the full legal protection and thus only registered trademark proprietors can expect to get exclusive rights !!! DALEEL can help you to register your trademark in Turkey  daleel@daleelinvestment.com

Our advisors will offer you the very best legal and business support strategies as legal advice , business planning and business development, business advice and guidance, business support and expert guidance to help identify the business solutions required to grow your business in Turkey. Our consultants will then work with you to ensure full compliance…
…In addition to registering you with the Turkish authorities, we can guide you develop a business plan that will convince banks, various agencies involved in financing new business projects and venture capitalists in Turkey of the viability of your ideas. To deliver our services we rely on our in-house expertise as well as on our Partners of experienced specialists with an in-depth knowledge of the Turkish real estate markets. These include specialists in finance and banking as well as notaries, accountants, lawyers and recruitment agencies.
Turkey Lies in the middle of Asia and Europe and such strategic position between mainland Europe, Asia and the Middle East proved very valuable for the powers of the past
Today Turkey is developing as a popular financial center, with a ‘can do’ attitude, and as a result a realistic option to other financial centers in Europe and worldwide
The main Reasons for such a development include
• A strong legal system thanks to the EU membership process
• A Secular and Stable Political System
• A Rapidly growing economy
• Latest and reliable IT infrastructure in place
• Good flight connectivity with Europe , The Middle East , North Africa and Asia
• A good quality of life
• Qualified and professional workforce
• A convenient European time zone 

Do you know that?

DALEEL can help you to set up your Turkish Company in just 3 days!!!

How to read a Turkish TITLE DEED (TAPU) DOCUMENT ?


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